Why isnt Miley friends with Demi anymore?



she knew

and then

miley was like

the end.

My 1 Year Of Being A Devoted Miley Cyrus Fan →


My 1 Year Of Being A Devoted Miley Cyrus Fan

Before you all start, I would just like to say read the title carefully. The use of the word “my” is crucial to this story. Everything I’ve experienced this year was based on what I have seen and learned and done for Miley Cyrus. I’m not here to deter…

If tish cyrus hated Nick after he and Miley broke up

just imagine what she thinks of Liam Hemsworth now:

Miley el movimiento?

saben donde puedo ver o descargar Miley el movimiento en ESPAÑOL?

osea subtitulado! :c PORFAVOR??

Happy mothers day <3

Happy mothers day <3

I was just watching a Hannah Montana episode (s1 e19) where

Miley/Hannah and lily/lola switch wigs by mistake and lily says:

"You look good in purple"

and well she freakin does right?

Queen Miley slaying since 2006 <3