I was just watching a Hannah Montana episode (s1 e19) where

Miley/Hannah and lily/lola switch wigs by mistake and lily says:

"You look good in purple"

and well she freakin does right?

Queen Miley slaying since 2006 <3

why nobody ever talks about this

Miley obviously did it on purpose, hello beautiful = about miley

7 things = About Nick (we all knew that)

Miley reaction faces

Just a fun thought

sorry i havent posted anything, but i was watching old hannah montana videos and i got to a Jonas Brothers video “we got the party with us ft Hannah Montana/aka Miley (duh)” and i saw this comment (3 years ago)

And ohh i laughed way too much, but its true in a certain way, it’s just funny the way she expressed it “ungratefull basterd” LMFAO

anyway this lead us to that time in 2008 when the Jobros weren’t speaking to Miley but OH guess who were they hanging out with? SELENA GOMEZ (who was dating nick at the time) AND DEMI LOVATO,

and this idiotic fight began

TEAM DEMI AND SELENA…WOAH really guys? miley’s been your friend since way before you met demi and selena, and oh who was the one who invited you to her tv show and included you in her tour and a song? MILEY but ohhh i guess they forgot about it oops

anyway so it began..

Miley and Mandy vs Demi and selena

hahahaha, so funny.. anyway

 then miley did this

a not so sweet “parody” of demi and selena’s video, just having a little fun, Miley was very hurt because the break up, and then later in 2008

this cute fan shows at the concert for hope (The jobros, demi and miley were performing there)

with this EPIC WIN sign

so Miley saw her and brought her on stage with her and sang a song with her and everything, poor Miley was feeling really left out and alone

as we can see in this video


fans ignoring miley and nobody was actually talking to her..

i think they were actually ungrateful to her at some point and Miley never really did anything bad to Nick, some people blame Miley for hurting Nick and shit when she was getting engaged to Liam, but she moved on, she needed to, she literally wrote a whole album for him if not all of them (except bangerz) the rest screams NICK! and let’s not forget how Nick included Selena in the burning up video, and when nick denied that 7 things was about him like, dude we know its you, sorry but its all true

"you love me you like her" "you made me laugh, you made me cry" "SINCERE APOLOGY"

long post but, i’m 100% Miley’s team! and yes i love Niley, Niley only dissapeared because Selena, but that’s another story, blah blah blah

thank you xo <3

aka Nick Jonas. (picture from 2007, Miley&#8217;s myspace)

aka Nick Jonas. (picture from 2007, Miley’s myspace)